Affordable Living +

The most strategic and cost-effective way to ensure long term success for individuals afflicted with addiction is to provide low-income housing combined with community-based support services.

The Empowerment Center’s Marvel Way Complex is committed to meeting our community’s need for affordable, safe, and sober housing.

Better Together

The Empowerment Center, along with other area treatment centers, are dedicated to promoting a mutually supportive environment that provides the life skills necessary to sustain recovery.

Collaboration is key to creating this lower income, recovery-based housing model. Partnership agreements with local healthcare providers are also in place to support sobriety and the health of our residents.

Phase One

The first phase of this project, a 42 unit income-based apartment complex broke ground in Summer 2021, initiating the creation of the first long term, multi-unit “sober living” residence in Northern Nevada. This housing option is for individuals committed to a clean and sober lifestyle.

In addition to providing homes, the project will provide on-site support services, including 12-Step meetings, job training, life skills coaching and referrals to local service organizations to help tenants maintain self-sufficiency.