Affordable Living+ & Why it Works

Sober living works. According to some studies, individuals who join sober living communities after initial treatment programs are 80% less likely to relapse.

Our Marvel Way apartments take this one step further. They provide an additional level of independence while still offering many classic features of recovery houses: membership in a sober community and connections to supportive services. Our goal is to create the best opportunity for long-term success.

Substance use disorder and homelessness are connected. 38% of individuals experiencing homelessness suffer from alcohol dependency, 26% abuse drugs, and many struggle with other mental health issues as well. People who have experienced homelessness in their lives are 2-3X more likely to report their mental health as poor and suicide rates are 10X higher among homeless populations.

Providing permanent supportive housing costs less than allowing people to remain homeless. When an individual has a safe place to come home to, they’re less likely to use emergency services, including hospitals, jails, and shelters. One study shows that enrollment in a housing program saves $31,545 in emergency service over the first 2 years. Another demonstrates that a Housing First strategy costs up to $23,000 less per person than shelter programs

Stable housing is the foundation for helping people maintain sobriety and improve their lives. With stable housing comes better access to supportive services. In sober communities like Marvel Way, participation in supportive programs isn’t required. Yet, at Marvel Way, most residents engage in these activities and are working to improve their lives.

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