A Dream Becomes Reality

In October 2019 three one acre lots were privately purchased and donated.

With the construction of Phase 1 on these lots underway in June 2021, the first affordable, sober living apartments in Reno will now be available in Summer 2022.

Additional Costs

The apartment complex is located on Marvel Way, a perfect location near buses, employment, and education. Although in the center of town, the project required adding an extraordinary amount of infrastructure: water, sewer, gas and electric utilities. Private donors have generously supported this effort, however the costs of hiring support services, furniture, advanced security requirements and outdoor recreational facilities are in need of financial support. We estimate the additional Phase 1 costs to be $160,000.

Phase Two

An additional 42 apartments on site will begin the planning stages in late 2021, support funding for this next phase is also appreciated.

“to whom much has been given, much is required”

What this call to action means to you is personal.

Ways to Support

Financial Support is always welcome. Sharing your time and talent is valuable as well.

The Marvel Way Complex is a Community effort. After all, the lives of these people in need, and their generations to come, require we give what we can now.

To find out more about the Marvel Way Complex, The Empowerment Center, or to make a contribution or pledge, please contact Roxanne DeCarlo, Executive Director.

All donations are handled through The Empowerment Center.